How to Create a MyRCM Account?

If you are a new student to the RCM Certificate Program, you must register for a RCM account in order to receive a RCM Examination Student Number (RCME) and to register for exams. Parents can also register for a RCM account to manage their child's exams by adding their child's student number to their account. Create an account here and follow the step-by-step process.

How to Register for a RCM Exam?

RCM exams provide a goal of achievement for the students and constructive criticism that can be used in future musical endeavors. Exams provide milestones for the stuents to aim for. The Royal Conservatory maintains a high standard of excellence and they mark accordingly. Having students working through the RCM Certificate Program is a major commitment on the part of the student, teacher, and parents. Students are required to discuss with their teacher months in advance about the exam(s) they would like to pursue. Students are responsible for practicing on a daily basis and following their teacher's instructions on how to prepare for their exam properly. It is strongly recommended that students avoid missing their weekly lessons and must make up for any cancelled or missed lessons. Additional lessons may be required during exam preparation process, depending on how each student progresses. Registration Terms and Conditions Register for an exam here and follow the step-by-step process. You will need a RCM Teacher's Number to register for an exam.

Where is my Exam Program Form?

Please print your Exam Program Form a few weeks prior to your registered exam date. Your teacher can help you fill it out if you bring it to your lesson. It is important to bring this form to your exam. The examiner that will be assessing you will need your exam details at the beginning of your exam.
Log into your RCM account. Under "My Learning" (located on your left sidebar menu), click on "My Exams and Results". Under "Upcoming Exams", you should see your exam program form listed beside your registered exam. A downloadable PDF. should be available.
Having difficulty downloading personalized forms? Candidates who encounter printing problems when downloading their personalized Exam Program Form from their RCM account may use these forms below instead. These forms are for registered exam candidates. Please fill out these forms with your exam details. Practical Exam Program Form Theory Exam Program Form

Where can I see my Exam Results?

Results will appear online 2 to 4 weeks after your exam date. Log into your RCM account. Under "My Learning" (located on your left sidebar menu), click on "My Exams and Results" to view your recently taken exam under "Exam History". Results will show marks out of 100 (please note this will vary for Supplemental Exams) under the "Status/ Mark" column beside your recently taken exam. A downloadable PDF. of your marked theory exam papers or practical exam report will be available. Students who successfully passed their exams will be mailed a certificate of completion. How to Interpret Examination Results Sample Report of Practical Examination Results

How to Cancel or Change the Location/ Date/ Time of my Registered Exam?

You can change your exam time, date, and/or location anytime from the time of registration to the exam session's registration deadline.
Log into your RCM account. Under "My Learning" (located on your left sidebar menu), click on "My Exams and Results". Beside your registered exam under "Upcoming Exams", there should be an option to change your exam details under the "Centre" and "Date & Time" column. Once you click the option to change, it will lead you to another screen to process another exam centre location, date, and/or time that works for you. Please remember to print your revised Exam Program Form if you made any changes to your registered exam. Registration Terms and Conditions Credits and Refunds Request

Learn About RCM

Established in 1886, The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) is one of the largest and most respected music education institutions in the world, providing an unparalleled music education to over 500,000 students each year. Certificates and diplomas awarded by The Royal Conservatory represent the gold standard in music education in North American and increasingly around the world. There are over 5,000,000 RCM alumni, including many musicians of international acclaim, such as Glen Gould, Oscar Peterson, Diana Krall, and Jon Vickers. The RCM provides the most thorough, well-rounded curriculum and assessment, encompassing performance, technical requirements, musicianship, and written subjects. The RCM's comprehensive training provides the strongest possible foundation for music education. Learn more here.


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