Time to bring that confidence on stage!

Our live performing opportunities help students master significant skills and gain valuable experience, giving them a chance to show off their talents in-front of supportive crowd of music lovers. We are here to help committed students prepare for their performances. We strongly encourage students to get involved and take advantage of these upcoming events. A few of our many events are listed below. Participation in unique experimental learning opportunities like these ensure relevance in an ever-changing environment!

*** For example: At competitions, students compete with others within their practical level in a friendly competitive environment to win honorable awards and prizes, where they are recognized for their hard work and efforts for stepping out of their comfort zones! The best part of this learning experience is meeting experienced music professionals and hearing their feedback on the student performances. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it is part of the learning process to accept constructive criticism!

Vocal Groups

Musical Theatre Workshops

School Bands

Duets & Trios

Canimex Canadian Music Competition

ORMTA Provincial Young Artist Competition

Peel Music Festival

Milton Music Festival

Toronto Kiwanis Festival

CCC Music Festival

Dinner Galas

Sport Events


Charity Fundraisers

ORMTA Spring Recitals and Auditions

MMTA Monthly Recitals

Virtual Recitals

Beat Production

Mixing & Mastering

Acoustic Covers

Instrumental Music



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